Sunday, June 22, 2014


I miss Mexico so much.

I miss the culture; the people; the late nights and early mornings. The beautiful mountains juxtaposing the exceptionally poverty-stricken cities.

Most of all I miss the love. When I was in Mexico last October, I saw so much love. In the midst of suffering and poverty, sickness, health, whatever the case was; there was always love. The care and hospitality that the people showed to me and the rest of the team was truly incredible. They could see Jesus in us, and we in them, and we loved each other for it. 

How different is that from our culture here in the states? We tend to "love" one another in order to get something. But halfway around the world, or even a mere 4 hour flight South, you can find people.

People who are being beaten down with true physical persecution. 

People who are in the midst of poverty and illness.

People who have endured giant floods and fierce droughts.

And yet they love; without condition and without fail. Because they understand that real love comes from One. And they follow that One with their entire being for a single reason:

He loves them.

Friday, June 20, 2014